Wednesday Draft Day!

All draft beers are $4 today! 

Craft Beer Trivia

  1. Hops are poisonous to dogs.
  2. Malt content directly influences beer color.
  3. Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and Barack Obama were all homebrewers.
  4. Frosty glasses cause foaming.
  5. Most Americans live within 10 miles of a craft brewery.
  6. The standard growler is 64 ounces.
  7. Since 1873, the year 1978 had the fewest breweries on record in the U.S. There were only 89 breweries.
  8. California, Colorado, Oregon and Washington have the most craft breweries.
  9. The Pilgrims landed Plymouth Rock because their ship ran out of beer.
  10. The German word “hefe” means yeast.

Also… Texas Margaritas $5 today!