Drinks & Desserts


Spice it up with a float of our jalapeño infused Espolón Blanco! $3

These are available in single/small pitcher/large pitcher:
Taqueria Texas $11/28/36: El Rancho Reposado, triple sec, orange juice, lime juice and agave
Espolón Silver $11/28/36: Espolón Blanco, Combier, fresh lime juice
Skinny Marg $11/lg 33: Espolón Blanco, lime juice, agave 
Jalapeño Orange $12/30/38: Jalapeño infused Espolón Blanco, Combier, fresh orange and lime juices
Spicy Tangerine $12/30/38: Espolón Reposado, Tanteo Habanero, Ancho Reyes, tangerine syrup, lime juice, Tajin rim
Mezcalarita $12/30/38: Illegal Joven mezcal, Combier, lime juice and agave
Dos Chiles $12/30/38: Espolón Chipotle, Ancho Reyes, Espolón Reposado, orange syrup and lime juice
Passion Fruit $12/30/38: Chinola Passion Fruit Liqueur, El Rancho Reposado, Grand Marnier, lime juice

Specialty Cocktails
Paloma $11: Espolón Blanco, fresh grapefruit juice, pamplemousse liqueur, soda splash
Old Fashion $11: Bourbon Barrel Aged Espolón Añejo, bitters, muddled orange, sugar
Blackberry Mularita $13: Espolón Chipotle, blackberry syrup, lime juice and ginger beer

We have tequila flights! They change regularly, please see the menu when you are dining!

Draft Beer: Tropicalia, Elysian Spacedust, XX Ambar, XX Lager PLUS 2 rotating taps!

All $6
Jalapeño Orange Pineapple Margarita
Cranberry Ginger Fizz
Peach Mint Ginger Fizz
Blackberry Ginger Fizz

Beck’s NA
Athletic Run IPA NA
Guinness NA

GLUTEN FREE BEER: Daura Damm Lager

NOT TEQUILA (selection changes occasionally)
Bulleit Bourbon
Four Roses
Bombay Gin
Titos Vodka
Jack Daniels
Bacardi Rum

All are $8 glass
Pinot Grigio

We have an in house baker! All desserts made fresh in our kitchen.

Key Lime Tarts
Tradtional key lime pie topped with whipped cream and lime zest.

Lemon Bars
Lemon Curd baked in a shortbread crust and sprinkled with confectioners sugar.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars
Creamy peanut butter whipped with eggs and sugar. Baked and topped with a layer of melted chocolate and peanuts.

Moonquake Cake
Dark chocolate cake baked with pecans, coconut, chocolate chips, cream cheese and Coca Cola.

Tres Leches Cake
Yellow sponge cake soaked with three types of milks (sweetened condensed, evaporated and 2%). Topped with whipped cream.

Flan Cake
Rotates between a vanilla flan and a chocolate flan.

A selection of cakes that will change every few days.