Catering Menus

To enquire about our catering services, please email Rob (rob at taqueriaelvecino dot com) for full details and prices on BBQ menu. Please include:
Your name & phone number
Date and Time of event
How many guests you’ll have and if it’s all adult, all children or a mix.
And of course, which menu you are interested in serving.

Taco Bar
$18 per person**
Filling choices, choose 2
Smoked Chicken
Grilled Skirt Steak
Chipotle Ground Beef
Grilled Vegetables

Corn and flour Tortillas
Appropriate garnishes for chosen taco fillings
Mexican rice
Beans your choice: Refried, black or charros
4 salsas
Smoked beef brisket, smoked pork belly, smoked pork butt, and shrimp are also available for an upcharge. Upcharge is dependent on current market pricing.

Guacamole $3.50 per person*
Queso Dip $3 per person*
*You may order guacamole and/or queso for any number you wish. It is not necessary to order for the total number of guests.
**Pricing is for food pick up from Taqueria el Vecino. No utensils, plates, chafers, cups, etc. are included.

Nacho Bar
$15 per person without guacamole
$18 per person with guacamole

Your choice: Grilled skirt steak, grilled chicken or smoked chicken
White and yellow corn chips
Refried or black beans
Pickled jalapeños
Pico de gallo
Salsas any 2 from our salsa bar options
Sour cream

BBQ Catering
5 ounces of meat per person. Charged by the pound, market price will be given when we respond!
BBQ sauce is $7 a pint
Salmon sauce is also $7 per pint

Side options
Coleslaw $2 per person
Cilantro corn cakes 1 per person, $2 each
Flour Tortillas 2 per person, $1 per person
Hamburger or slider buns are market price