We are sprucing up the place!

Enviro-Master of Southeast Atlanta, GA is a local germ-killing team consisting of experts in commercial disinfection, sanitization, and cleaning services to a wide range of professional businesses across the great city of Atlanta. We are teamed up with this company in a mission of health and safety….

We are going the extra mile to help keep everyone healthy! Please join us in this mission. Be prepared with your masks before entering the restaurant. If you aren’t seated for any reason, please put your mask back on. See someone you know a few tables over (which happens often!)? Please put on your mask before going over to say Hi. We greatly appreciate your consideration during our current environment. 

Monday Specials ~ 

Dinner Special – Chipotle ground beef chimichanga with nestled over queso!!

Dos Equis Lager or Amber $4.50/pint or $12/Pitchers

Any Margarita for $6!