Sunday – We are open – 11-8 No Brunch Menu

Taqueria el Vecino is open with our traditional menu today. We are not offering brunch due to the low demand last week and the fact that it does not travel well. Rob is open to hearing from yoi – or through FB. If we get enough response we will offer brunch next week. We are doing our best to stay connected with the neighborhood and customers. Our patio is open and we are providing curbside pick up as well as pick up just inside the front door. We have established an assembly line system for take out that provides shifts for our service staff. We appreciate your tipping on pick up orders. It is really helping keep moral high and our servers are able to remain solvent.

Please let us know if you would like small salsas for your order when placing the order. If you are ordering chips and salsa be specific on which salsa. The salsa bar is closed and we have a dedicated chip and salsa station in the kitchen packaging salsas when ordered.

You may order and pay online, order online and pay inside at the curb or inside,call an order in and pay over the phone or at pick up. We are accepting cash as well.

Delivery is available through Postmates from our web page –

The entire restaurant and patio is washed with soap and water and wiped with a bleach solution twice daily and sprayed with a quat based sanitizer every 30 minutes or after each touch if more often.

At this point we are offering 5 tables inside on the patio side of the restaurant for those that feel comfortable dining in and need the diversion. This is a day by day decision.

Thanks for your support!!