Monday 3/23/2020 We are open!! $5 Margaritas

Thanks to everyone that has continued to keep Taqueria El Vecino in your dining rotation. To this point your continued patronage has allowed us to keep all of our employees. Tipping on to go orders as if you dined in is essential to us keeping our wait staff. We have come up with  a rewards program to thank you for your patronage and generosity during these hard times. The Corona Card rewards you with a $5 credit post Corona Virus for every visit(take out, delivery, etc.) made during the Virus Period. I urge you to use this as a way for us to Thank You for helping us keep our staff by tipping and purchasing. Purchasing gift cards for future use is another great way to help. 

A lot of restaurants and businesses are closing. Many are opening Go Fund Me Pages to pay the staff. You all have provided enough support that we are able to stay open and pay our staff. Some shifts are being trimmed but no one has been laid off!  The best thing you can do is continue patronizing us, and other neighborhood businesses.

Call In for pick up, inside with our streamlined and socially distanced pick up area or curbside pick up, on line ordering with pay from home option, Postmates delivery from our website – These are all ways you can order from Taqueria El Vecino. We do have a few tables inside spread far apart as well as patio tables for those that wish to dine in at a safe distance in a continually sanitized environment,

See you soon!

Taqueria El Vecino