Possible Health Benefits of Margaritas…

Health Benefits of Margaritas

Margaritas contain some #healthy nutrients that may be beneficial for our health. Yes, margaritas can be healthy in moderation!

1. Source of Vitamin C

Lime juice is very rich in vitamin C and a glass of margarita requires at least one ounce of lime juice. So, in other words, one glass has enough of vitamin c to fulfill your daily intake up to 15%.

2. Gluten Free

Majority of alcohol contains grain and there are a lot of people with grain sensitive. Tequila is not made from grain, it’s made from blue agave plant. That’s why margarita is gluten free.

3. Aids Digestion Naturally

Tequila may contain some organic compounds that are great for digestion. That’s why margaritas are an excellent beverage to sip on after a big meal because it may help your body metabolism.

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