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Arches Brewing ~ Mexican Arches

The Vienna lager was reborn in the 19th century when Napoleon III conquered Mexico. He brought an influx of European brewers to the continent, reintroducing the style with great success. The style is defined by its malt profile. Designed on a Vienna water profile, it offers an aesthetically pleasing amber hue from the kilned Vienna malt providing a nutty, smooth flavor. Light noble hop bitterness takes a back seat to the character of the malt. Little yeast character is contributed for a clean, dry finish.


ABV: 5.2%; IBUs: 22;
Hops: Magnum, Hallertauer, Hersbrucker
Malts: Vienna, Carafa
“Arches Brewing is a craft brewery located just north of the Atlanta airport, in the arts district of Hapeville, GA. Our focus is bringing the best of old-world and modern brewing practices together to deliver many beer styles never commercially brewed in Georgia. Our biochemist-brewmaster, Jamey Adams, brewed his first batch of beer over ten years ago with the idea that beer could be made better through chemistry. Through many hours of brewing and tasting, we now have over 30 different distinct recipes. We have a strong emphasis on classic & seasonal lagers, but also make many American styles along with several strong Belgians. We believe doing things the old way makes for a cleaner, more complex and balanced, delicious end result.  “