Fuego Friday

Rob has the smoker loaded with beef tenderloin, salmon, fresh bacon, turkey and chicken. Make your way over for some great food and friendly atmosphere!

Take a lunch break with us today and start the weekend right!
Our lunch special is a chicken & pork adobado enchilada with mole, plated with a goat cheese stuffed anaheim pepper and your choice of beans and rice.

Goes well with a $4 draft
.ON TAP: Dos XX Amber, Long Day Lager and Ranger IPA

Soups: Delicious Spinach Soup  and  Pozole

Dinner Special: Smoked beef tenderloin with red chile beranaise sauce, ancho chile mashed potatoes and wilted spinach

Appetizer Special: Goat Cheese stuffed Anaheim Chile over red pepper coulis

Cocktail Special: Coconut Mojito