We are humbled by your support!!

“You folks are absolutely AWESOME!! Our take out business has been overwhelming.Many of you may have gotten our VM on Wednesday night. We are learning how the take out dynamic is vastly different from the dine in model. When orders come in online, through Postmates or over the telephone there is no lull. The orders come in so quickly that the kitchen is overwhelmed. We had to halt delivery and phone orders for an hour tonight. Please allow extra time for your orders. If you would like to eat at 6 place the order at 5. We can schedule it so it is ready when you arrive. During peak dinner hours 5-7:30 figure an hour. It may be less and we will let you know. We are happy to bring to your car. Make sure you give us a phone number so we can find you in the parking lot. We are open for dining inside and the crowd has been sparse so social distancing is easy. Come in and enjoy a margarita and some salsa while you wait. It is more relaxing that way!!
Thanks for you incredible support!
Rob Atherholt
Taqueria El Vecino”