To Eat or not to Eat! How about Margaritas at the Temporary Cantina?!

The chill is gone and the outdoors is delightful. Pick up some tasty Taqueria food and order some margaritas. You can sit at the Temporary Cantina tables and enjoy your food and drink.

 Thursday’s Specials – A large pitcher of margaritas foir the price of a small and $3.50 Tamales!!

The Cantina is a bonus convenience and a respite from dining at home but we do not provide table service. Orders need to be placed over the phone or online via our app! We are able to take some orders in person but we encourage you to order over the phone or via the app!

If you are enjoying yourself at one of the tables and would like another drink- phone it in and let us know you are sitting outside and we will holler your name when your drink is ready.