Taps will play today as we close out Sunday Brunch for a while!

The backside of Covid-19, much like a hurricane is as bad if not worse than the first high tide! We have 15% of of necessary service staff and no one is coming to fill the void.

Something has to go. Brunch requires too many personnell to continue until we are able to hire adequate staff. We have had to close intermittetly for the past few weeks as we navigate these unchartered waters. We are giviing our brunch patrons an opportunity to get in one more at the expense of out dinner crowd. We will close today at 3:00 because we do  ot have the staff to handle 2 shifts. After today we will be open for dinner every day.***

***There will be some days that we are only able to do take out***

You all have been wonderfully supportive. We will navigate this next chapter as adeptly as we have navigated the past 20 months. Stick with us!! We will not let you down.