Smoking in the rain. We are smoking ribs for tonight’s Dinner Special!

Not as catchy as the Deep Purple hit, Smoke on The Water, Fortunatley our smoker has a canopy so we only get wet going to and from. 

Dinner Special – Smoked pork back ribs with chipotle BBQ sauce and grilled pineapple.

We have several new tequilas and some great seltzer and cider options added to our cantina.


Due to a lack of supply the cost on food and packaging has increased 30-100%, In order to mitigate this drastic increase we have had to temporarily increase menu prices. The prices are not reflected on the menu as we hope this is temporary and we can avoid the cost of reprinting menus. All checks will have 20% added to food items, not bar items, to help offset the increase in pour cost of goods. Each check will have a line item showing the surcharge.This is not a gratuity. We encourage you to tip on the check total before the surcharge is added.