Online / App Ordering – Ensuring Your Order Goes Through!

We want to make sure ALL orders make it through the entire online ordering process for pick up! 

We apologize for any hiccups that have come up when placing an order. If for any reason you are taken back to the main screen for starting your order after submitting the request, that indicates you need to pick a different time for picking up the order. Your order has NOT been placed if you arrive at this screen.

We are working diligently to fix the “error” screen that you see if this occurs. Until then, please scroll to the area that has you choosing a different pick up time.

Another tip… Please go to your Order History and look for the current order. There will be a 5 digit order number, today’s date and a detailed list of your order. If you do not see this in your order history, your order has not been placed.

We hope this resolves recent confusion with orders being placed on our website or through our app.

If you receive notification that your order has been placed with a 3 digit order number, that indicates you have placed your order through PostMates. If you intend on picking up the order yourself, and you do NOT desire delivery, download our app or make sure you start the order directly from our website!

Click HERE to order directly from our website.

Have an amazing Tuesday!