It’s raining Margaritas!!

On Thursday we offer a large pitcher of margaritas for the price of a small. Let it rain!!!

Curbside and non cantact pick up are going to be a thing for a while. We are going to keep it interesting and above all safe!!

Please understand that the volume take out model is a different business model all together. We feel good about our assembly line and pick up process. The one thing we can not control is the number and concentration of orders. Tuesday, Friday and Saturday nights bring a large number of orders in a very concentrated period. Please be patient as we feel it is more important for your order to be hot, fresh and correct. We will text you when your order is ready, so please wait for the text. You may wait outside an and enjoy a beverage, chips and salsa while you wait if you prefer to wait in your car and not at home!

Have a great day and come get some tacos!!