Fund Raiser for Knysna Africa Thursday June 15!

A special note from Carrie Atherholt:
Hey all. As many of you know, Knysna has just experienced an awful forest fire that destroyed hundreds of families’ homes. Knysna is a place very special to me, as I spent the last two months of my undergrad there student teaching in a 4th grade classroom at Oakhill. Sadly, 30 Oakhill families have been left with nothing after the devastation. I have set up a gofundme campaign to help in assisting these families during this difficult time.

I will also be hosting a fundraiser at here at the Taqueria on Thursday June 15th. 20% of sales for the day will be donated to helping these families out. Your support is greatly appreciated and remember: any donation counts!
Love, Carrie

We hope you can join us on Thursday or donate to the gofundme campaign. Thanks from all of us at TEV.