Friday the 13’th- Superstition/ Fresh Salsa and chips with a Margarita- Tasty

We offer many tasty ways for you to enjoy your Friday!

Eleven taps, 10 margaritas, 9 fresh salsas, hot chips, friendly and genuine staff, COVID-19 precations and safety protocols.

Dinner Special – Chiles Enogadas

***As the Corona virus rages on we continue to offer contactless curbside pick up and 12 outdoor tables. Please wear an extra layer of clothing as the weather turns chilly!

We do have 9 indoor tables for those that are comfortable dining inside. We  require that a mask be worn anytime you are not seated at your inside table. No matter what the circumstances you must wear a mask when entering, using the restroom, exiting, visitng another table(no matter how close it is to your table), or standing for any other reason. We will politely remind you if you forget. We are keeping the safety of our staff and fellow patrons in mind and appreciate everyones understanding and compliance. Refusal to wear a mask will result in us requesting you to package your meal to go or move to an outside table immediately.