Friday – It is going to be a pretty one! Come pick up some Tacos!!

We are continuing our takeout model for a while. The restrictions placed on dining in and and our continued concern for everyone’s safety make it the correct decision at this time!

We have been informed by the GA. DOR that we are no longer allowed to sell Margaritas to go. We have devised a margarita kit for our Texas and Silver Margaritas so all that you need to do is add 16 oz. of Tequila and you have  a Taqueria Margaritas. The kit makes the equivalent of a large pitcher.

If you are ordering online the kits are under the beverage section on the menu.

Beer growlers and bottled beer are still OK!!

Remember that we will text you when your order is ready. Friday is a very busy day so give us time to prepare your order and wait in your car or at home for the text If you would like a beer or margarita while you wait we can do that for you. Let us know when you order or order from one of our staff outside.

Have a wonderful day and come see us!