Fresh from the Farm !!!

Rob has formed a relationship with a local farm – Straight From Our Backyard. He goes and hand selects fresh from the garden vegetables every Thursday. We will begin offering fresh vegetable influenced plates during the week ends starting this Friday 7/7.
This week ends plate –
Tomato salad with cracked pepper mayonnaise, sliced cucumber, chilled savory corn flan, baked vidalia onion and roasted yellow peppers in balsamic vinegar.

We also have several Anaheim peppers for stuffing and tomatillos we will incorporate into our daily specials.

Support your local and farmer and feel good about what you eat!!
Check out Straight From Our Backyard Farms on Facebook or head over to the Tucker farmers market on Thursday from 4-8 and get some for yourself. They are also at two Marietta markets over the week end.