A Note to our Customers

We are open for curbside pick up. Orders may be called in, placed online via our app, or delivered by Postmates. We have a dedicated person for curbside delivery.
We encourage people to order by phone or online rather than waiting to get to the restaurant to order. The volume of orders is high on peak days(Tuesday, Friday and Saturday nights).  We have added a disclaimer to our on line ordering app letting people know that scheduled times may not be able to be honored(on Friday we had 50 orders scheduled to be picked up from 7:15-7:30 – no way we can do that and provide fresh, quality food!)
Our goal is to provide the same quality of product as if you were dining inside, in normal times.
This is a whole new model for us as well and we are adapting every day.
During normal times(pre-pandemic) If you come in on a Friday night and there is a wait of 30 minutes before you sit and then you get a drink and look at the menu then it is 45 minutes from the time you entered the restaurant until you order and an hour plus when your food arrives. Your thought process on busy nights and even off nights at peak times needs to be the same. We can not prepare 200 meals in 20 minutes! This is a learning experience for all of us. The kitchen is very busy even though when you come in you see no one in the dining room. Our brains can not understand why our food takes so long when there is no one here. I struggle with it every day. Seeing an empty dining room with 4 cooks working as hard as they can to get the 250 orders hanging in the kitchen out efficiently. We are working very hard to get your order out properly as quickly as we can. All we can do is the best we can do, and we are certainly making every effort to do that every day!!
We are fortunate to be associated with customers such as yourselves. We are grateful and can not thank you enough for your continued patronage in these trying times.
We continue to offer our entire menu!
Brunch will not be offered again until the dining room is open.
We are offering beer growlers, Tecate Quarts, single service wine to go, per the temporary alcohol laws.
We have reduced our hours by one hour at closing time with the exception of Taco Tuesday( Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday – 8, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday -9).
Rob Atherholt
Taqueria El Vecino