Enviro-Master and CASPR

We have engaged Enviro-Master to come in once a week to treat all tables, chairs, bar surfaces, counters, refrigerator doors, tap handles, entrance and exit door handles with Microban. This ionic spray completely covers and disinfects the surfaces for 7-9 days. Enviro-Master also cleans and sanitizes the bathrooms.

We have purchased a CASPR unit to treat the air. This unit attacks viruses, bacteria and mold on a molecular level by circulating molecularly altered oxygen molecules through the air. These H2O2 molecules disinfect the air and all surfaces by continuously filtering and introducing H2O2 molecules into the air. Please visit https://casprgroup.com for more information on the CASPR units.

Masks and distancing are still required and our employees still wear N95 masks. We have invested in these technologies to stay ahead of the virus spread and protect our employees and patrons.