Tuesday January 10 – Friday January 20 Specials

Rob will be out of town until January 20. Here are the featured specials for that time:

1/10 – Hot tamale and red chile charros bean enchiladas

1/11 – Huarches – Homemade masa dough grilled and topped with refried beans, chicken or steak, romaine, queso fresco, pico de gallo, and chipotle salsa

1/12 – Smoked Chicken Tostadas

1/13 – Cochinita Pibil with ancho chile mashed potatoes

1/14 – Lunch – Blackened Tuna Tacos with Korean Kimchee

Dinner – Green Chile Grits with carnitas and ancho chile

1/15 Lunch – Chiliquiles

Dinner – Charros bean and chorizo burrito with jack cheese, rice and pico de gallo.

1/16 – Pulled chipotle chicke tostadas with pureed sweet potato and avocado

1/17 – Tortilla crusted Tilapia with pineapple chipotle tartar sauce

1/18 – Antonio’s smoked Brisket Burrito Loco

1/19 – Shrimp and steal fajita quesadilla

1/20 – Provided that Rob’s flight returns on time, he will be back and manning the grill. Projected special- Tequila Lime Chicken

We look forward to seeing you!! Do not forget about our wonderful lunch promotions Monday through Friday until 3!!