Time for Thirsty Thursday!

Large Pitcher of Margaritas for the price of a small pitcher! Come and have one on the deck!

These are available in single/small pitcher/large pitcher:
Taqueria Texas $11/28/36: El Rancho Reposado, triple sec, orange juice, lime juice and agave
Espolón Silver $11/28/36: Espolón Blanco, Combier, fresh lime juice
Skinny Marg $11/lg 33: Espolón Blanco, lime juice, agave
Jalapeño Orange $12/30/38: Jalapeño infused Espolón Blanco, Combier, fresh orange and lime juices
Spicy Tangerine $12/30/38: Espolón Reposado, Tanteo Habanero, Ancho Reyes, tangerine syrup, lime juice, Tajin rim
Mezcalarita $12/30/38: Illegal Joven mezcal, Combier, lime juice and agave
Dos Chiles $12/30/38: Tanteo Chipotle, Ancho Reyes, Espolón Reposado, orange syrup and lime juice
Passion Fruit $12/30/38: Chinola Passion Fruit Liqueur, El Rancho Reposado, Grand Marnier, lime juice