This weeks specials!! 3/11/14

We have had several requests to pre-post specials.  These are the specials we are planning for this week- TBD means these are still undecided and will be posted on the day we are preparing. As always, when using fresh ingredients, availability can change. We will do our best to hold to these exact specials, but certain ingredients may differ based on quality and availability.

Tuesday 3/11

Lunch – Marinated skirt steak tostadas with chipotle cream

Dinner – Roast pork enchiladas with red chile sauce, queso fresco rice and beans

Wednesday 3/12

Lunch – Pulled pork enchiladas montadas or Tacos chicharron

Dinner – Jalapeño stuffed bacon wrapped shrimp over red pepper pasta with   a tequila lime herb butter

Thursday –

L – Black beans and rice with smoked chicken, adobe cheese, scallions and jalapennos toreados

Dinner – Roasted poblano peppers filled with ground beef, almonds, raisins, plantains and pasilla chiles


Lunch- Grilled Tilapia with mango avocado salsa

Dinner – Grilled pork tenderloin mole with fresh mango

Saturday –

Lunch – Fried shrimp tacos

Dinner – Green Chili Grits with carnitas

Sunday –

Lunch – Enchiladas roja montadas with an over easy egg and black beans

Dinner – TBD