The Atlanta Blizzard of 2014

Boy do the weather pundits have us on a short leash, or what??!! A little snow is good for the community. It gets us out sledding, walking, admiring the serenity. tossing snowballs. Enjoy it this afternoon because it will be gone before you know it!! We are open to serve you delicious fresh food, hot chocolate, sweets and coffee. Our salsa bar and margaritas will transport you to your favorite ski lodge. Enjoy the moment. Life is Good!!

Lunch Special – Smoked chicken over black beans and rice with adobe cheese and pico de gallo.

Soups – Potato Leek and Pozole

Dinner Special – House smoked chorizo and chicken  tossed in a ranchero cream sauce with red pepper pappardelle pasta and served with roasted garlic cheese quesadillas