Success brings expansion

**UPDATE! We have received our building permits and will begin demolition on Saturday August 18. Please visit the Facebook page for daily updates and photos.

**Update #2: The opening has been pushed to Sep 14th due to some building issues. Keep an eye here for current info!

Taqueria El Vecino is busting down the wall and growing into Carolyn’s Cupcakes space!! Fear not, Carolyn’s is not going anywhere.  We will be enlarging the kitchen and seating area of Taqueria El Vecino and sliding Carolyn’s space over a bit. We will be expanding the menu at the Taqueria to include more wonderful items from the smoker. The larger menu will also include some traditional BBQ dishes and sides (Jalapeno cornbread, pimento cheese, Brunswick stew, pulled pork BBQ, BBQ chicken. smoked turkey, pork ribs and beef brisket). We will also be adding more beer taps, Tequilas and Bourbons.

Unfortunately, we will have to close for a few weeks to do the renovation and expansion. We are trying our best to accomplish this during the dog days of summer and the beginning of the school year. Construction will begin on August 21 and we plan on re-opening September 10. Please send us an email at so that we can send you an invitation to the Grand Re-opening.

NOTE: this email is ONLY for the reopening list! If you have other business, please email rob at rob[@]! The gmail account is TEMPORARY!

We are very excited and hope that you will like what we are doing.

We greatly appreciate your patronage!!

Taqueria El Vecino