Well we were successful in posting  specials in advance for two weeks! Rob has been busy expirimenting with new salsas and specials for the past two days. He is toying with different traditional street style tacos and some duck preparations.  Here is what we know of at this point.

Wednesday – Lunch – Butternut squash empinadas with crispy potato and salsa verde taco with an Anaheim pepper relleno

Dinner – Threee street tacos – Roasted poblano with bacon and roasted tomato salsa, roast duck with chipotle tomatillo salsa, and crispy nopales with goat cheese and chile de arbol salsa. Served with refried black beans


Lunch – Tres Sopes – Sopes are traditional savory pies. We are serving one chorizo, one carne asada and one chicken. All with salsa cruda, refried beans, lettuce and queso fresco

Dinner – Roast duck hard shell taco with habanero cream sauce, butternut squash empinada, rice and beans

Friday Lunch –  Marinated skirt steak tostadas with refried black beans, lettuce, roasted tomato habanero cream sauce and fresh avocado.

Friday Dinner –  Two Specials

1- Grilled Sirloin Tampiqueña

2- Wood grilled 5 spice duck breast with roasted pecan chipotle salsa,  roasted sweet potato empinadas and turnip greens

Saturday –

Lunch – Black beans and rice with adobe cheese and smoked chicken.

Dinner – Green Chili Grits with carnitas and ancho chile sauce.

Sunday –  ***LOOK FOR ROB’S SUNDAY BRUNCH STARTING SUNDAY APRIL 6, We have heard the cry for a traditional brunch so on Sundays from 11-3 Rob is going to recreate his Crescent Moon Brunch. We will feature three different styles of eggs benedict, omelets, pancakes, sausages, bacon, Canadian bacon, country ham, biscuits with sausage gravy.

As for this Sunday we will give you a taste of things to come – Two poached eggs nestled on two corn cakes with bacon and chipotle hollandaise with green chile grits or hash browns.

Dinner – Still in progress!