Holiday Smoked Turkeys and Turkey Breasts

Order by December 18 for Christmas! Time’s a wasting!

Small Turkey (10-12lb average) Feeds 6-8 $3.50/lb
Medium Turkey (12-14lb average) Feeds 8-10 $3.75/lb
Large Turkey (22-26lb average) Feeds 14-18 $4.50/lb
Whole Turkey Breast (8lb average) $12.00/lb

Organically Raised Turkeys are available at market size and price. Ask Rob for details! Or EMAIL Rob directly: rob at Please do NOT place orders in the comments of this post!

Add $1/lb for Orange-Chile Brined turkey!

Smoked Pork Shoulders, Beef Brisket, Chickens, Turkey Breasts and Salmon are available year round! Contact Rob for details: