Covid-19 Statement of Precautions

Greetings from Taqueria el Vecino!

The Covid-19 virus has us all a bit uneasy and confused about what we are supposed to do and why we are doing it. We are all taking precautions to avoid contracting the virus. You have read letters from your bank, grocery store, etc. about what they are doing and how committed they are to protecting their staff and customers. We have posted a letter on our website and Facebook page letting you know that we are also taking this seriously and sanitizing and requiring all customers to use hand sanitizer or wash their hands prior to being seated.

We must all work together to get through this, and basic hygiene practices are vital.

That being said, we also need to protect our livelihood and the livelihood of our staff. While people are rushing to the grocery to stock up on everything, they have cut way back on restaurant dining. The grocery store is loaded with people grabbing, touching, bumping in to one another and waiting in hours long lines to check out and enter their PIN on the same keypad as everyone in front of them. You touch far fewer common items and encounter fewer people in a restaurant. We are monitored by the county health departments and our scores are posted in public view and published. We practice sanitary practices every day to protect ourselves and our customers.

The frontline employees, servers, bartenders and service assistants rely heavily on tip income.
They are suffering already. Next will be the cooks and dishwashers as hours are cut. Please remember that we rely on your patronage to survive. We cannot work from home. Work with us and either come in and trust that we are good to our word of keeping you safe in our establishment, place an order online through our App, call in a pick up order and enjoy a margarita when you come to pick it up, or order delivery (we currently use Postmates but may switch to in house delivery by our servers during this crisis to help provide them with income). There are many options to get your Taqueria fix and keep us solvent during this period of uncertainty. Keep an eye on our social media sites and posts for updates.

When this virus spread slows, as it has in China, everyone will head back out and expect things to be as they were pre Covid 19. That will not be possible without your support now!
Our days and hours of operation are not changing. We look forward to taking care of you as we have for 12 years. If you cannot come into the Taqueria, use one of the following options:

Download our App for online ordering and pick up orders.
Call us – 404-929-0301 to place a pickup order and enjoy a margarita.
Go to our website and click the Postmates link for delivery.
Keep an eye out to see if we switch to in house delivery.

Wash your hands, cough into your shoulder or elbow, smile and say Hi without making physical contact, don’t touch your face, keep a polite distance and be courteous by staying home if you do not feel well!

You still have to eat, and we love feeding you!!

Rob Atherholt
Taqueria El Vecino

ps: The salsa bar is no longer self serve, your server can get you what you want.