Covid 19 Protocols April 2021

Covid-19 protocols at Taqueria El Vecino

We are continuing our current and long running pandemic protocols until a verifiable herd immunity is achieved. Taqueria El Vecino has hired outside sanitation companies to perform deep cleanings and surface disinfecting as well as installing the CASPR system (look it up) to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. We wash every table with soap and water, and then sanitize with an approved quaternary sanitizer proven to destroy and prevent bacteria and viruses from surviving after every seating.

The past year has been trying. We have, with your support, weathered the eye of the storm. Once the eye passes, there is still the back half of the storm to survive. We are hopeful that the eye has passed, and we are on the back half now. Until the entire storm has passed, we feel it is unwise to relax our practices.

Many of you have dined at the Taqueria for the first time in 12 months over the past few weeks as you have been vaccinated. Many of you have told me, Rob, that Taqueria El Vecino is the first restaurant you have dined in since the pandemic began. The predominant reason is that you trust me to do the right thing to keep you and our staff safe. The decision to require masks inside Taqueria El Vecino is mine. It will remain in effect until verifiable herd immunity is reached.

We will continue to maintain social distancing for all tables, inside and outside, and continue to provide curbside pickup for all Take Out orders.

I am aware of the statewide relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions and the rush to return to “NORMAL”. NORMAL will return, albeit, different. Our staff and customers, you, are vital to the success of Taqueria El Vecino. We want to provide an environment that is safe for all.

Please come prepared to wear a face mask inside while not eating or drinking. If you are dining outside, wear a mask when entering to use the restroom or for any other reason.

As a community, we will beat this virus.

Rob Atherholt
Taqueria El Vecino